Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Benjamin Dog "A Trip To The Veterinarian" a true story

Years ago, when my children were a lot younger I made this little story book for them done in watercolour paints. Our dog Ben gave us many funny stories to tell and this is one of them. I did submit it to a couple of children`s story publishers but alas...it just wasn`t to their interest. But the kids and I liked it anyway. It`s silly but absolutely true! My scanner is on it`s last legs so excuse the funny marks on the pictures...

"Oh no!" thought Benjamin Dog, "I won`t go, I just won`t!"

So he ran outside and he hid behind a tree. But he was too big for the tree and the tree was too small for he!

Then Benjamin Dog decided to cover himself all over with mud. "If I get all muddy," thought Benjamin, " I won`t have to go to the veterinarian for my needle then." You see, Benjamin Dog was afraid of needles. But covering himself with mud did not work.

While Benjamin Dog was being cleaned off, he tried to grab the towel away....but this did not work either.

"Oh well," sighed Benjamin, "I do love car rides!" And he jumped right into the front seat of the car!

But Benjamin could not drive a car because he was a dog, so he got into the back and stuck his head out of the window. It felt good to have the wind flapping his ears and whizzing past his nose.

Whoops! Benjamin Dog forgot to do his business before he left home! "Aaaaaah, that feels much better." he said as he watered the flowers. Time to go inside now Benjamin.

"I`ll be okay, I`m not a scaredy-cat,I`m a big brave dog." Benjamin told himself, as he nervously grinned at the little dog in the veterinarian`s waiting room.

Oh no! Now it was Benjamin`s turn to go into the examination room. "Please, don`t make me go in there, please!" pleaded Benjamin Dog, looking sad and desperate and wagging his tail all at the same time.

"I won`t...I can`t...I won`t....I can`t!" cried Benjamin. And he rolled over onto his back, with his legs all up in the air! A very embarrassing sight to see!

"Oh yes you can, and yes you must." grunted the veterinarian as he picked Benjamin Dog up in his arms, a great furry lump almost as big as he.

"Now just lie here nicely, Benjamin." said the veterinarian, as he held the needle ready. "This will only be a little pinch. You`ll be okay. You`re such a nice brave fellow, aren`t you?"

But Benjamin Dog did not agree at all, and he squirmed and wriggled and wriggled and squirmed, accidentally kicking the veterinarian right square in the nose! "YEEEEEOW!!" cried the veterinarian.

"I`m outta here!" puffed Benjamin. And he leapt right off of the table!

"Oh no, no, no, no, no!" exclaimed the veterinarian, grunting and sweating as he picked him up again and struggled to carry the big floppy Benjamin back onto the table.

Benjamin surrendered and covered his eyes as he got his needle. And it really didn`t hurt afterall. Just a pinch.

Now it was time to get weighed on the scales. "You`re very healthy." said the veterinarian.

"Oh dear!" thought Benjamin. "I`ve made such a fuss." He was very embarrassed!
"It`s okay Benjamin. You`re a good boy."

And Benjamin Dog got a nice big bone!

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Christine said...

Loved it!

Rowan said...

Enjoyed this Tea - I've had dogs like Ben too!

Janet said...

Tea, that is a most adorable story. I can't imagine that no one would be interested in publishing it! Have you ever thought of self-publishing like at cafepress or lulu.com....just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Tea, that's a wonderful story. Brought back memories of a dog we had. LOL Try different publishers maybe? It was great! :)

Pretty Lady said...

I love it, too!

Anonymous said...

I loved this story and your illustrations too.
I haven't had a dog for years, with I've had cats with a similar aversion to the vet.
Have you written anything else you can share with us..?

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Tea....
What a delightful story so cleverly written, teaching us that some things aren’t as bad as we think they will be. I’m sure your children really enjoyed it.

Thanks for stopping by Tea, always nice to read your comments. Marion x

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I might try again sometime to submit this. Thanks for the info Janet! And Sheila, no I haven`t written anything else. Maybe someday :)
Thanks so much everyone! Glad you liked it.


Daisy Lupin said...

Lovely story that would make a great kids book, I have just been catching up on your last few posts. I like the painting of the two women in red hats, never seen it before. I also love the story about the woman in the hole.

Rosa said...

Oh how precious! I love the page with Ben tinkling on the wilting flower! hehe. Thanks for sharing! I think I have to take our Miss Bev back to the vets as she is sneezing, again!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Very, very cute. See? You did get this published! You now have a self-published work on the web.

Jeanne said...

How precious indeed!
Love Jeanne

cityfarmer said...

Such sweet fond memories for the kids...I remember all the books I read to my children....

UKBob said...

I like the drawings. Its funny how dogs know when they are headed for the vets!

Remiman said...

You are a creative and talented artist! I enjoyed your story telling too.

judypatooote said...

I would buy it for my granddaughter.....very cute story and nice art work.....try again, sometimes it doesn't work the first time....

carolyn said...

Great story and illustrations. Merry Christmas.