Monday, October 02, 2006

The Mistress`s Rather Slapstick First Meeting With Her Mate by "The Cat That Would Be Heard"

The Mistress had thought this October 7th would be their 7th Anniversary of meeting but I had to remind her that it`s only their 6th. I remember it well...oh yes indeed, very well. It was something I shall never forget. Indeed never. I shall take this tale with me to tell when I cross through to those pearly gates. Indeed.
But let me digress for a moment and explain why they met.

The Mistress had been single for eight years and never quite able to find the type of man she was searching for, so her cousin suggested she try a rather unnusual way of meeting people. This involved looking on the world wide web, at a special place where one could get to know others. Very odd, I thought, personally.
She reluctantly put something up about herself there and recieved letters in reply. There were a few highly unlikey meetings agreed upon from two or three, but that`s another story,and then she went looking herself.
One person stood out amongst the rest and caught her interest, so she wrote to him.
He, in turn wrote back. They found out that they had much in common and strangely even sang the same traditional prayer song at their family reunions.

Both proceeded to write back and forth for a few months and then decided that it was time to meet in person. After thoughtfully sending a copy of his picture drivers license through cyber space, they chose a day.
He would bring the wine and brushetti and she would make chili. A strange combination, I feel, but neveretheless, who am I to judge?

The Saturday of the 7th of October he got in his car and drove approxamately 2 hours toward his destination.

In the meantime, I watched the mistress primping and preening and all other foolish things humans seem to do to prepare for the presentation of themselves.
Daisy, bless her heart, who was still with us at the time, was also excited, due to him bringing along his dog Elvis to play with.

The moment arrived and I quickly jumped upon the small couch by the window and peered over to secretly watch.
He drove down the driveway and the mistress pulled on her ridiculous platform boots, gathered up daisy`s leash and hooked it on to take her out to meet man and dog.
Now Daisy, being the rambunctious young girl that she was, was rather overexcited as they walked outside. The mistress wore a friendly, slightly nervous smile, as she struggled to keep Daisy from pulling and scurrying in circles around her feet. She watched both get out of the car and walk toward them. I watched and waited in anticipation. This was a very special moment.
And then, before you can say "as hairy as a puck-goats head", the leash was wrapped around the mistress`s leg and......oh dear me....I really was shocked! She bellyflopped flat down onto the pavement.

He was shocked as he helped her up as she laughed. But I even more. Why would one laugh after greeting someone in such a proposterous way? Tch...and normally such a graceful lady she is. I felt quite bad for her.

When the greetings were all said and done as best they could under the circumstances, they, all four of them, entered the house where Elvis immediately relieved himself, marking his future territory in a very alarmingly large way, on the back of the mistress`s new couch. My eyes well near popped right out of my head.

But agian the mistress was calm and quickly left the room arriving back with sponge,soap and towel, as the very embarrassed and shocked man continuously appologized and the shamefaced dog looked on.

Needless to say, despite these unexpected surprises, the afternoon and evening went acceptionally well. I must say that this match seem to be "two peas in a pod" and the rest is happy history in the making.

In favor of the Octoberfest season I shall say..."bis wir wieder treffen" or"until we meet again"



Daisy Lupin said...

Thank you Theodore, for telling us that lovely story of how your mistress met her guy. I hope she knows you have told it to the whole world of bloggers lol.

Janet said...

Theodore, that was a very entertaining story! How nice of you to share it with us. I hope your mistress doesn't mind!

Anonymous said...

Theodore, you certainly know how to tell a tale...It sounds as if they were made for each other, even if their first meeting seemed like a comedy of errors.

Anonymous said... the deer-stalker and slippers Theodore...?

Jeanne said...

That was so sweet!
Much love and many blessings!
Love Jeanne ^j^

Old Man Rich said...

Heh. Make cats smoke. I like it.

Remiman said...

Thanks for giving us that delightful, romantique vignette.
If you feel up to it, would please offer my congatulations to your mistress and her beau on their anniversary?

I must say, not only are you a superb story teller, you are quite a good artist!

Christine said...

I'm grinning~

this was very nice!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Truth, indeed, is stranger than fiction! Thank you, Theodore!