Monday, December 11, 2006

What If For Just One Day...All The Madness In Our World Stopped?

This link below was left in my comments by Peter. Whether you think it possible or not, it wouldn`t hurt to mark this date and time on the calendar and give it a try.
I believe it would be possible if everyone did it, but the problem is that how could everyone agree? I like it regardless.

What If...on December 30th, 2006, starting at 8 p.m., people around the world spent two minutes reflecting upon the idea of Peace and ones own humble place in time? Read more at the blog.

I remember my Mum telling me that on Christmas Eve during WW2, some of the German soldiers and ours, laid down their arms and became friends for a few short hours. But the soldiers had the fact that they believed in the same God and held Christmas as the most special of days. This is the stickler in this war. One group of people follow an angry and selfish god`s rules where men must slaughter themselves and others to be saved and the other, a kind and loving one, who sent his son one very special night with the message about love and forgiveness. And to make it even more complicated, throw in judgemental and the "I`m better than you" beliefs of many on both sides or even no beliefs whatsoever. This nonsense of hiding behind religion in the name of war never seems to end.

Fighting centuries old grudges. A world consisting of people stepping over street people laying on the sidewalk as if they are invisible. Unloved and uncared for children.....raised by parents who were also unloved and uncared for, and so the line continues unless broken, passed down through each generation. Men willing to do anything to become rich and powerful, others willing to do anything to feed their lethal addictions made readily available or even just to put food on the table. Countries willing to spend billions on war and yet ignore their own starving people. Images everywhere desensitizing us from our basic compassion. Brother killing brother, mother killing child. So many ancient prophesies seemingly coming to pass. We were blessed with such a beautiful planet to live on. Given the gift of love and nature and music art and literature. There is enough for everyone here to live an abundant life, and yet so many are forgotten and overlooked. So many wars caused by cruel despots.
This is the true shame of humanity. It can`t hurt to take note of this day on December 30th.
As for the above...well it does say in my profile that I like to rant sometimes :)

*** "2 of Cups" - love and unity and "Holy Man of Ancient Wisdom" - faith and prayers answered masterpieces, but done by me several years ago.


HORIZON said...

Hi Tea, what a great idea- count me in. l have come across 'just one day of peace' a couple of times now and it just keeps on growing in interest.
Love your tree below- beautiful.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful tree, recipes stories and fabulous postings.
Blessings to you at Christmas and always.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Pretty Lady said...

I posted something similar on Friday becuase of John Lennon anniversary. Yes, it would be great. Thank you for sharing this with us. It was nice updating myself on the news on your life with your blog.

Mile Stones said...

Hey TMG,
I'm really glad you came & commented on the 'guy outside'. As a result, i find your place and I tihnk you are doing great stuff here.
So, something is moving in the blogosphere...instead of dreaming of a white/hot/spent-out/burnt-out Christmas, the month is turning out to be a time for causes, stuff that matters and that won't come to an end on Dec 24th or Dec 30th. Billions will be back in the frontline of hostilities, on their way back to work on Jan 2nd.
But it is so worth drawing the attention of as many as are willing to read, look, think, unload what they think on what I see as related issues: conflict of every kind, aggressivity, intolerance, injustice, exclusion, invisibility of the weakest. If not now, when? I agree with your piece above, and I guess you've seen my contrib to Peter's site. So we are, of course, on the same side. Let's see where this month goes. I'm not about to let up; I can't afford to.

Mile Stones said...

PS: what's with all this anglophile stuff? Are you English? I am and I'm grateful to have escaped Corrie (Coronation Street) & an awful lot else, but then I was born no good at being English!
Great graphics, BTW!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

mile stone... I`m Canadian and proud to be, but my background is English with a bit of Scottish and a dot of Irish thrown in. Grew up listening to my Mum`s stories of home and became fascinated with my roots :) I just can`t help myself....I love Coronation Street!

carolyn said...

A day of peace, if only we could all manage that.

Janet said...

I will add my name to the list for a day of peace. If only the people who cause all this chaos would be on that list, too! I completely agree with your "rant" and think there is so much senseless destruction going on right now.

Gina E. said...

Sorry darling, but you are preaching to the converted here. The people who NEED to read that, or SHOULD read it, are already plotting their next atrocious act on humanity. What the rest of us (decent human beings) already feel as you do, but sadly we'll never change those others.