Saturday, December 16, 2006

Party and a Question...

Off to a friends Christmas gathering today and then tomorrow my sister`s 40th family birthday lunch. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It looks like Spring here today! The sun and the blue sky and no snow at all! I think British Columbia has our weather this year. The news reports that 10,000 people in Vancouver are without hydro! Most things are shut down there. I think they need our prayers. What a freezing terrible time that would be.

I went and catagorized all my posts but have no understanding of how to put catagories listed along the side. I see how to put the actual list there but will that take one to each catagory? How do you get the title to take you to each catagory when you click on it? Help! I`ve looked it up at various sites but it`s all goblygook to me. I`m computer illiterate and can`t understand how to do it :( I`d also like to move "Blogs I Love" links to a seperate page because it`s getting longer all the time LOL. Would sure appreciate any guidance.


Barbee' said...

Hello Tea,

I just discovered your blog and I will definitely be back.

You are considering moving your blogs-you-love-list to another page. I did that. If you would like to see how mine looks go to my home page and look way, way down in the side bar till you find my Links list, then click on: "More Links/Blog Roll". It's nothing fancy.

Barbee' said...

Oh, I stopped too soon. I can help you with your labels list, I think.

Go to your blog, click on Layout.
Find BLOG POSTS - click on edit.

Under 'Select Items', click in the little square beside 'Labels' to put a check mark there.
Click SAVE CHANGES This should take you back to your layout screen.

On the right-hand side find: Add a Page Element (click on that).
It will open a list of different types of Page Elements.

In the right-hand column there is an element titled 'Labels'.
Click on ADD TO BLOG

Next you will be given a choice as to how to sort the list - make your choice.

That should put the list in your side bar.

If you have any problems or other questions, feel free to ask. I may not know the answer, but I might. Good luck.

rusty in miami said...

Hi Tea, I am happy the weather is spring like for you but is kind of scary when you are having that kind of weather in mid December, your kids are so cute, that Elvis looks like saint.

Rosa said...

I too would love to organize my posts. Did you switch to the new bloggy thingy? (I thought I was the only one who said gooblygop--hey, we're close!) I love the new look. Let me know when you get it all sorted. Maybed one day, I'll do the same!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your story about how Rudolph originated and The photo of Elvis with his reindeer antlers on is wonderful - he looks so huggable! I'm wondering about changing to Beta as well but like you I've no idea what I'm doing so am hanging fire for a bit longer. Blogger is just horrendous at the moment, can't comment most of the ime and can't read the comments on Circle either - am having to rely on the email versions. So maddening! Hope you have a great weekend - sounds like a lot of fun.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Barbee`.....thanks for the label info :)
Rosa.....yep, took the leap!


UKBob said...

Hi Tea, I clicked on a few of your catagories and they seemed to work ok. I'm not sure what you can do about your links, you do have a lots don't you. I'm never sure who to include and who not. In the end I just decided to have a few and swap them around, not sure how good or bad that is. Bob.

Rhea said...

We have spring here in Boston, too. Is 'hydro' heat? I am American. That must be a north of the border term.

RaNae said...

Hi Tea geesh it's spring here to had the windows open for a week down here in Texas- had the heat off good for the $bill. There are rumors that some here in Texas will have a white Christmas that would be a miracle.
Hope your weekend was wonderful.
Hugs R

Mile Stones said...

G'day Tea, last week had to be the all-time worst in the history of Blogger. In the middle, i got into such a mess with it, plus over-frustrated that I changed over to Beta. I find some things more long-winded, remote, but it seems to be working OK. The major problem was - as everyone knew - comments. By Friday night, i was thinking what's the point anymore? We had this beautiful, simple means of reaching out, forming relationships with people all over the world, then suddenly it's screwing up. We can't take anything for granted.
Ace for technical help is Meg's husband Ben, at Nelson Daily Photo link from my place). She keeps thanking her lucky stars to be married to a geek!! LOL!