Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who Let The Bird In?

Yesterday as soon as we got in the door after work, we found a little bird flying around in the house. Someone brought him in through the cat door. Hubby went over to my parents and borrowed a small fishing net and surprisingly, it didn`t take long to catch the little guy.
I quick grabbed the closest thing I could...a tea towel and wrapped him in it to get him outside.
"The camera?" asks hubby. "Yes" says I. The picture is blurry unfortunately because we moved just before the little guy was in full view and standing up on the towel. He was sooooooo cute! Just a young one. He wasn`t hurt and quick as a whip, flew off. Not sure what kind he was because I`m not up on birds, but he was grey with a little yellow stripe. Heroes for the day. One more successful rescue and the first bird one. Usually the cats end up getting them, but this little guy kept landing on my dried peonies above the cupboards instead of up higher. We won`t mention the dead little mouse I almost stepped on in my bare feet. The joys of having cats.

Did the white squares behind the table. Now after work and groceries today I`ll move onto another small spot. Can`t wait to get this done! It will be nice to have the kitchen back to normal.


Lee-ann said...

Hello TTea & Margaritas.......this is the second lovely blog story I have read tonight about saving a little bird must be some kind of reason for that. :o)

You and your hubby must have loved the colours and that
the rescue all went well he wasn't a little finch was he he sounds like he could ahve been I only know them as we have little birds here that are greay and have a yellow stripe and I know they are little finches. anyway yes the joy of having cats we used to have very ugly rats left on our door mat at night...yuk!

I as always enjoy a visit to your blog you ahve a great evening we are pleased here it is raining and has not done that in many a day and many a month infact.

Best wishes to you.

Lee-ann said...

gosh I am so sorry must be getting tired there are so many spelling/typos in my post to you I think I will stop now!!!!!lol lol lol :o)


carolyn said...

So pleased you managed to rescue this one. Our cats bring in all sorts of offerings. The female cat is the worst as she brings them in alive and lets them go. Apparently she is trying to encourage us, her kittens, to hunt!

Jeanne said...

I am happy the little bird is fine.
Here's to refinished kitchens.
Love Jeanne

Jacran Cottage said...

Wasn't that nice your your cat to bring you a little present!! LOL

We had a bird in the house last year. DH said he came home from work and heard something in the basement. When he opened the basement door a bird flew out into the kitchen! He must have come down the chimney and came out the clean-out box under the flue!! It's quite a trick to get them out of the house again!

Jackie in ON

Janet said...

I'm glad the little bird survived. And that it was so easy to get it out of the house.

Good luck with your kitchen project. When it's all finished you'll look back and say it was worth it.

SombraKnight said...

I'm glad that you saved that sweet little bird! What a nice story.

cityfarmer said...

We live by a pretty major river and we have an occansional bat fly into our house from an open door,etc. talk about not so fun!!!!!!!!!

cityfarmer said...

We live by a pretty major river and we have an occansional bat fly into our house from an open door,etc. talk about not so fun!!!!!!!!!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Blessed bird! Our cats have caught birds, bunnies, and ducklings from our pond. If I spot them at their stalking, I try to chase them off. Sneaky little buggers, aren't they?

Rowan said...

It's made a good to start my day to read about your successful rescue, even though the picture is a bit blurry you can still tell that it is a youngster - if it had been a British bird I could probably have told you what it is but am not up on US ones I'm afraid. Naughty pussy cats! - but it's a natural instinct.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I`ve done the same many times Lee-Ann :) Looked on horrified after hitting publish LOL


Naturegirl said...

AWWW.. a little angel came to bless your home!

One Crabapple said...

oh my yes! the JOY Of having cats !

I hear ya.

I get these same little friends in the house too.