Saturday, November 25, 2006

"When You Wish Upon a Star........

You`re Dreams Come True".......
Well that`s not necessarily so unforunately. But when I was a child watching little Jiminy Cricket sing that before a Walt Disney movie, I believed it with heart and soul.
I do believe that when you pray and believe with all your might, that if something is right and good, it will happen. There`s a magical system set up in this universe for making good things happen. I`m witness to that.

I`m hoping that it`s happening for my sister now. She`s my younger sister and although our paths have been different circumstances, she seems to have followed the same one.
We both had dreams of the house, the dog and the white picket fence. Sugar plums that danced in our heads when we were younger, only to find out that they were sour grapes in disguise.
Tomorrow my parents are having a family dinner in celebration of my hubby`s birthday which is this coming Thursday and we`re going to meet the guy my sister has been dating recently. From all we`ve heard, he sounds like the real article. A genuinely nice and well adjusted person with integrity. The important things one may overlook that are missing when young and foolish. I look forward to it! Maybe he is the one that will enrich her life, be her "soul mate".
Today my best friend is coming over and now I must go and clean!
Happy weekend!!!!!
*** Picture entitled "The Star" by me, drawn as one of my cards several years ago.
It`s represents hope and bright prospects and inspiration.


Anonymous said...

I love this post, your picture just captures all the sentiment in that Jiminy Cricket song (by the way, I use to love listening to it as a child too. The song has a magical quality to it that even to this day it makes me feel that all things are possible).You are a very talented artist. As for your sister, she is so lucky to have a sibling who wants nothing but the best for her. I wish her well and hope that her dreams will be realized in this relationship. TWT

Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture Tea..
I hope your family dinner goes well, and that he is the real article as far as your sis is concerned..keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Thank for reminding me about that, Tea. That was such a nice song that Jiminy Cricket sang.
Your picture, "The Star" is lovely.
All the best...

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Wishing, wishing, wishing...

Anonymous said...

Pretty picture!

Rebecca in rural Ireland said...

I'm so pleased you visited my blog. Its always great to find somebody I haven't met before has taken the time to comment, so thank you. And then the added bonus of finding this little treasure of a blog too ... I really do love your own pictures, very illustrative, wish I could do that.

Anonymous said...

Great blog.

One thing - I would clean for strangers, friends can find me as I am! ;)


Anonymous said...

That looks like it could be a tarot card.
I like it! But I love STARS *****
I am sending good wishes and many angel friends to your sister's side, she has many of her own anyways, she needs only to listen to them!
If they are meant to be, they will be.

Remiman said...

Lovely artistry.
Hope your sister finds contentment with her beau.

HORIZON said...

l too hope that this all turns out well for your sister- you have a kind heart Tea (Hope you don't mind me calling you that?).
Lovely drawing too:)

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Blue the Spa Girl ....yes, that`s what it is :)


Anonymous said...

I love your wistful Wish-upon-a-star picture! I could put myself right in there.

... just wonderful

Rosa said...

OH, I hope your sister has found the one that treats her like a queen. Don't we all deserve that? Of course, we do. Keep us posted!