Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Queen and Other Things

We decided to go to the movies last night and check out "The Queen". Helen Mirren who played her did an excellent role. She an amazing actress and was perfect as the Queen. If you`re interested in "all things royal" then you might like this movie. It`s a fictionalized version of how she handled the death of Princess Diana and the surrounding events. A bit slow moving and hubby and I being the youngest in the theatre (it was the late movie and not many there) had a chuckle afterwards that we were the ones having a hard time keeping our eyes open at times. Not from boredom but just from tiredness LOL

Beforehand we went to Chapters, one of my favorite stores to get a calendar for the new year and also a book for a Christmas gift.
Found a really nice calendar that`s also a piece of art which will look perfect in the kitchen. I wanted something a little nicer because I need to have the calendar right smack where I can see it. I tried the side of the fridge for awhile but we kept forgetting to look at it....

I bought some magazines and a hard back book to put with my Dad`s gift by Edward Rutherfurd called "The Princes of Ireland" he enjoyed "London"....

This book, I`ve had for quite awhile but decided to actually read it instead of just looking at the pictures. Nicely written with some good information of what I`m looking to do.

Yesterday I hung grouped pictures on the biggest wall in the kitchen after painting some of the frames. I have a big empty frame and glass in the middle waiting to find a picture yet so no photo here for that.
Today we`re going out to look at flooring and then come home and sort and throw out useless things I have stuffed in the cupboards and line them. That....I`m not looking forward to. Off now to make my Chicken Pot Pie for tonight. Hope everyone is having a nice`s almost over!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about that movie. That is a really nice calender. You always have such excellent taste.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering if anyone had seen that movie. I thought it looked interesting so now I'll check it out.

I'm so bad in a bookstore! And it looks like you are to! The calendar is beautiful, and the "Bringing it Home England" book looks like something I would enjoy. I'll have to see if I can find it here.

I'm looking forward to photos of your kitchen. I'm sure it will be lovely.

Rowan said...

The calendar is pretty, and the book looks interesting. I haven't seen 'The Queen' either, must look out for it when it comes out on DVD. If you want to e-mail me with your snail mail address I'll send you a couple of English home mags if you'd like them. I take Country Homes and Interiors and The English Home on subscription so can pass a couple on to you.

Anonymous said...

I wish I hadn't seen that book, that's another one I will be looking for.
I like your calendar, and when it's finished it has the kind of prints that might look nice framed in your kitchen?

Jacran Cottage said...

I've been wanting to see that movie but it's one I'll have to go to by myself. Neither DH nor my friends would be interested in that movie.

Beautiful calendar. I haven't purcahsed one yet for 2007 so I'll be looking around soon. DH and I love to go to Chapters for a couple of hours and check out the books, then have a cup of tea (can't stand Starbucks coffee!!). It's a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon sometimes.

I periodically pick up some of the magazines you've shown here, but I'm trying to limit the magazines I buy now because they are so expensive. There are two I'm starting to get fairly regularly, one is called Best of British and it has a lot of things I remmber growing up in England, and the other is This Britain. I must be in a particularly "feeling English" phase right now because the magazines are $10 each!!

Good luck picking out the floor for your kitchen. Looking forward to pictures when it's done.

Jackie in ON

Jeanne said...

Blessings to you and happy Sunday!
Love your new calendar.
Be well my friend.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Rowan..... I would absolutely love that! Thank you, thank you!

Sheila....Yes, I thought that same thing :)


Anonymous said...

My wife dragged me to see the movie, I found it boring but I agree with you Helen Mirren performance was great. I am glad I am not a British taxpayer

Anonymous said...

I love all things Royal (especially Di) and Look forward to seeing that film.
Here in the states my husband and I are enjoying "Behind t the Palace Walls" every week on TV. It is so amazing.
Love the new calendar and the spring "ticker"

Christine said...

Love Helen Mirren, love the calendar!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello T....

I was pleased to read that you have been to see ‘The Queen’. It was shown at our little cinema recently, I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it put quite a perspective on the issues Diana had with members of the Royal Family, particularly the Queen.

I did wonder, if all who saw the film, would know that in Greek mythology, the name Diana, means Goddess of the hunt, and I wondered if this would make them associate or even compare Diana’s life to that of the stag in the way that it was hunted down and finally killed. I thought it was an interesting little twist how they portrayed the Queen’s reaction to this. I love Helen Mirren and your calendar too. Your magazines look interesting! Marion