Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More of the Kitchen and I`m in the Queen of Disks Mode.......

Although I don`t follow astrology, my birth time is represented by the Queen of Coins, Disks or Pentacles.
I would love to have the qualities of this queen, I aspire to have them. And though I don`t pick up the cards often for myself, when I glimpse her there, I remember this.
She is earthy and generous, wise and helpful as well as creative, a good entertainer and smart with money, which she has enough of for herself and her family to make a good sound secure life . I may have some of these and I`m working on others, especially the money one! I`m not so good with that one. I like to spend it.
I`m in her creative mode at the moment and thought I`d post an old picture I did several years ago of this Queen in prisma colour pencils. She`s not as well done as the Moon and High Priestess I`ve posted in the past, but what she stands for is nice.Here she sits with her dog and a cushion embroidered to look like a disk or coin. I chose to make her an older queen than is usually represented because she has bloomed to her fullest potential, comfortable in herself and now the family matriarch, the nurturer of her husband, children, family and friends. The earth mother who has a great love of nature and home. Making that environment more welcoming, more attuned to her own sense of peacefulness. Buying something that makes things more comfortable, or re-arranging something so it's more pleasing, or cleaning out that cupboard that has been gathering cobwebs for ages.
Spending time and energy both on self, and home - and to do both of these things with the intent to harmonize more thoroughly, to feel more rested and centered, to make more of a haven than we already have.

Excuse the flash mark. I had to take it with my camera rather than scan it.
And speaking of cupboards, my Mum came over and lined mine to match the dish and glasses cupboards I`d previously lined, and tidied them. She is a pro at good housekeeping! If I could be half as good, that will fulfill another aspiration! Oh no....look! I`ve shown you two cat dishes that are on the counter :(
They are banned to that end and until we can figure out another spot, this is the only place Elvis can`t help himself to a snack. One other dish is on a small table but with three cats all wanting to munch at the same time, sometimes, I`m stuck with this faux paux.

Here`s the little table with the other cat dish. A dollar store clear plastic tablecloth covers my good white antique one and protects against a big furry back that sticks his head underneath to sup. You might be able to see the pretty fairy ring that my darling hubby got me one year. It has a little white lily candle in the centre.

More pictures to come....


VintagePretty said...

I love the queen of disks ~ a very stately lady. The gingham in your cupboards is lovely, I tend to line mine with brown parcel paper and then re-line them every couple of months, our kitchen needs this as it's pretty damp! But the gingham looks so nice and summery :)

Thanks for showing us around your kitchen!

Jeanne said...

Very lovely indeed!
Blessings to you
Love Jeanne ^j^

Anonymous said...

Your drawing is wonderful. I love all the detail you've put into the background, and the colors make it all look so rich.

So far, from the photos you've shown, I LOVE your kitchen! It looks like "home" should look. Your mom did a nice job with the cabinet lining. When I try things like that they always end up looking a mess!

Anonymous said...

My dog eats the cat food as much as her dog food. Sometimes, I think she'll start meowing, soon~

Anonymous said...

Gosh I'm starting to feel lazy. LOL It's all beautiful. :)

Jacran Cottage said...

That is a really good drawing ... you are a talented lady!

Your kitchen cupboards look really nice and homey with that gingham lining. I had never even thought of putting lining on the back of the shelves. I may have to think about borrowing that idea!

And the photo of your table and window. Well what can I say, it's the perfect cottage look that I'd love to achieve for my house. The curtains are lovely Did you make them or did you manage to find lovely curtains like that ready-made? And is that an old radio on the table? Such a nice little corner in your kitchen!

Your home looks wonderful, Tea!

Jackie in ON

Saur♥Kraut said...

Coolness! How do we determine which tarot card represents us?

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Saur♥Kraut ....If you are a Fire sign, you would be a Wand court card, a Water sign, a Cup, an Air sign would be a Sword court and an Earth sign is the Pentacle or Disk or Coin court. But because everyone is different at different times, all carry aspects and characteristics of ourselves also.


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Jackie..... I found the fabric downstairs at Len`s Mills warehouse. It was a great price and almost exactly what I was looking for. The sheers are just cafe` curtains cut from a roll and have the holes cut out to hang on a rod. The radio is a reproduction that I got as a gift years ago for my birthday.