Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Some More of the Finished Kitchen

Mister Possum Update...
he was buried beside Daisy. I thought all day at work about where he went after that picture was taken and thought it would be nice to have him beside Daisy where he had crawled to. Found out later that my Dad had already thought of that :) It seemed right.

First, thanks everyone for the nice compliments! Here`s some more of the kitchen. I haven`t taken a picture of the other end yet because I`m not sure yet what to put above the sink window and along. I have some plates but not enough or the right colour combination so I might do the water colour art I bought. It`s sort of like paint by number but no numbers and a finely drawn picture to water-colour. I need a long frame though and I only have one that I already have a picture I like in. It`s the three dog heads that now sits above the computer desk. That always happens. I need something and that something is something I`m already using and liking the way I`m using it, hehe. I`m sure I can find something around here to improvise for now.
First is what the kitchen looked like before. The wallpaper got shabby looking and also formed over the seams in the wall, being almost plain, they showed through badly. The two mirrors are a strange place to put either side of a table but they balanced things. The antique mirror on the left will go in the hall to replace the picture frame I took from there and painted white and gold. That`s the big paint by number one in the middle of the new kitchen.
The roses hanging and also strung along the shelf are all the roses my sweet hubby has given me over the years. In the new kitchen they are all strung mostly and I put shiny gold plastic beads inbetween each dried rose. You can see them in the one with Teddy farther down here. I may hang a few down I haven`t used as in the old room picture inbetween hanging tea cups later. It may be too much though now. I think I do need a picture on either side of the little plates. Things seem a bit too compact all in the middle. Needs some balance to pull it across a bit but will have to wait for now.

Below is what it looks like now with lovely Elvis adorning it.....

Yep, that`a another clear plastic tablecloth on the table too. Not as noticable in real but nessesary for spills after spending so much time making the cloths, of which only the large one is showing. The other small white one on top, I painted around the edges a pattern because I couldn`t find one like it. The gold is muted and isn`t as shiny as it looks here from the reflection of that roses picture.
The two on top and bottom are from the thrift store that I previously posted about. The two on top, I wasn`t quite sure about placing together because they are such a different shape from each other. But I`m partial to them that way for some reason, so I`ve left them. In the books I`ve been reading it speaks of pictures being grouped by subject rather than symmetry in a cottage. And some they show are mad squashed toether and jumbled! I may eventually add more to this wall because after all, I am a cluttery person. I love bits and pieces of interesting things and lots to look at.

This is what we now see coming in rather than my computer desk and computer.Teddy got hungry while I was taking this one. Someday I would like to find an old china glass fronted tall cubboard for where the little shelf is. It would come in handy for storing things in below too. That shelf is made from an old wooden crate from the 50`s. There was advertising on back of it for oranges. Someone just added shelves and fancy posts. That would fit nicely above the stove. To answer Jackie from "Musings from Jacran Cottage,

I found the material hiding amongst the hundreds at Len`s Mills Warehouse downstairs and made the curtains last year. It was almost exactly what I was looking for and a great low price. The sheers are just little cafe` curtains with the holes along the top. The radio is a reproduction that I got as a birthday gift years ago.
And Saur♥Kraut from , your answer about the card is in comments in the previous post. It`s a condensed version of it because there is too much to really be able to explain there. Hope it helps a little.

The boys helped me hang the baskets back up on the weekend. It was cute. I couldn`t reach certain spots on a chair and didn`t want to drag the ladder in on the new floor.
So the oldest put the youngest on his shoulders and they became one needed tall person!
I like the baskets still but I need to look at them more and see if they would be better painted white. Not sure yet. I wish I would have taken a picture of the boys but I wasn`t thinking, I do have some pictures of how I hung the baskets which I`ll post soon. Putting the quarter round or actually cove molding on this weekend. We`re having troubles with the clock. We need two in the kitchen I guess. It used to be above the sink window and now is above the computer table. We look for the time on a blank wall at the moment.
Is that a sign of old age ? LOL.


Zoey said...

Hi Tea,
Everything is looking so nice.
Especially the grouping of pictures over the table. They look perfectly arranged to me.

Anonymous said...

This looks so fresh and cozy, you have done a great job Tea. Too bad I have to work today..I would invite myself for tea, and we could discuss that Tracy Barlow and her goings on...!

VintagePretty said...

It all looks fantastic - you're not going into the kitchen refurbishment business, by any chance?! If so, give me a buzz :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi Tea,
You are a girl after my own heart! I love clutter too and 'rosey-clutter' is the best kind! You rose picture is gorgeous!
Well done with all your hard work!

HORIZON said...

lol- l can see the two boys helping out :)
Loved the roses hanging above the table in the older shot too. You have done a lovely job of this room indeed Tea. We did our kitchen up this past year and it meant that the clock had to be moved- l have just recently stopped looking at the old wall-lol. If it is old age then l'm certainly a gonner too.

Jacran Cottage said...

Love your decorating style! So much the direction I'm heading for as well, but you're miles ahead of me! Keep up the great work!

Jackie in ON