Monday, January 15, 2007

"A Rather Small Ghost Story" by The Cat That Would Be Heard

I`m feeling slightly sluggish today. A strange tom that`s been causing Isobell to utter the most unlady-like curses was back at the weekend. This time it was I that came face to face with the mangey creature. He requested a fight from me almost at once as I tried staring him down. I may be an old man, but this is still my territory and I will take no nonsense from such an invader as he. I stood my ground as best I could, until he tried to tackle me. Shamefully I ran, after being ungloriously knocked over. Twas that same moment that the mistress, with Elvis anxiously by her side, opened the door in alarm glimpsing my humiliation. "Get him Elvis!" she exclaimed, as he, already steadfast on his way in pursuit, galloped off after the bugger. I came inside and in this very spot, my favorite at the moment, is where I layed down my aching bones.

But I digress from my original story of which I shall now begin. It`s a ghost story, you see. A very small one, but an interesting one indeed.

It was a clear winter morning some years back, when the young master was but ten years old or so. A carpet of new fallen snow lay fresh and sparkling on the trees and the ground giving all a quiet, deserted almost mystical atmosphere.
The young mistress, then thirteen, was taking the day off school due to a nasty cold, so was not accompanying the boy up the short lane to wait for the school bus. It was the habit of Ben dog to walk along with them each morning.
The nana and grampa lived nearer the road at the end of the lane and would glance out from the kitchen table as the children walked past with the dog trotting along beside them. There came the sad time when Ben was no longer with us and on this morning, two years had past, and the boy walked alone.

The school bus arrived and a few moments later, the grampa stepped outside to take the garbage up to the road. He left the yard and began walking on the lane when his eyes did espy a very strange sight.
For before him along the lane, were the boy`s fresh footprints in the new fallen snow going all along to the top of the road. Now you may wonder why the young master`s prints would make such a cause for surprise? Well, you see, alongside, all the way, side by side, were the fresh footprints of a dog.

Later that day after school, the boy was questioned. "Did you notice anything unusual this morning? Was there a strange animal outside with you?"
"No" said the young master. "Only me"

I surmise that dear Benjamin dog came back one last time to do a duty he onced loved very much.

And now I shall remove myself and these old legs back to my chair.

"До тех пор пока мы не встречать снова" or "until we meet again....."



VintagePretty said...

I love it! Although I dread to think what our dog says under her breath, especially when we're telling her off for putting her nose somewhere doggy noses shouldn't be!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Tee...
I’ve been checking your blog trying to find your email, but can’t see it anywhere, so here goes, I write in the comment section.

I wanted to thank you for the link you forwarded for Susan Hill’s blog. You cleaver thing, why didn’t I think of checking her out and her web site too.

I haven’t had time to read anything yet, I was just anxious to thank you first, but I’m going to grab a coffee and make myself comfy and enjoy a good read.

I’ve just been looking back on a few of your postings too Tee, you are quite a skilled needle lady aren’t you. I’m impressed with the chair you covered. In fact you seem to be ready to have a go at most things. I remember reading the post when you laid the laminated floor a while back. Well done!

I ordered myself a new sewing machine last week, so I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival, should be here mid week I guess. Can’t wait!!! I shall show it on my blog when it does arrive. It is to replace one that I’ve had for years. I hope I get on with it, my old one is pretty basic, this new one appears to be like a small computer, so wish me luck. Thanks again Tee. Oh! Like the hair colour. Luv - Marion

Sheila said...

Your story gave me goose bumps, and brought a tear to my eye. Theodore, I don't doubt for a moment that Ben walked beside his young master. I once had a cat, much like yourself (Except that he was black and white)and he had been at Rainbow Bridge for over a year when one morning, when I was feeling quite sad, and was curled up in my bed alone...I felt him jump up and walk across the duvet and sniff my hair. I could smell his warm furry smell and I held my breath, I wanted to reach and and cuddle him. I always did that when I was blue and he made me feel better. I felt him settle in beside me as he always did, and I couldn't wait any longer, I reached out to touch him..
and he was gone.
Knowing he came to comfort me made me feel much better, and reminded me what wonderful creatures you cats are.

the Decorated House said...

Hi! It was nice of you to leave a note so I could follow you to your site. I enjoyed my visit, and I'll be back to see more of your decorating and gardening.

Marion said...

Oh, Theodore, what an incredible story...and without a doubt, Ben came back to walk your master to the bus stop!

When my old dog died, he could be heard climbing the wooden stairs at night to come to bed from the TV room, where he always slept until bedtime.

We always knew when he was around, by the clicking of his toenails.

Allotment Lady said...

What a charming story - and I do so enjoy reading your blog

I don't always have time to leave comments, but rest assured I do visit

carolyn said...

Great story.

Christine said...

How cool is that?? Great story!

Jeanne said...

Good story.
Love Jeanne

MrBrownThumb said...

Awww that cat looks so happy and comfy.

Keep the cats coming.

Christine said...

By the way, I think your hair looks great!

Clare said...

What a great story, I really enjoyed it!

judypatooote said...

Enjoyed your story.....anything is possible.....

Blue the Spa Girl said...

I'm teary.
THis was great.
thanks! Cats rool
and dogs are kool too! xo