Sunday, January 07, 2007

Can We Protect Spring Bulbs Sprouting In January?

Sheila over at the lovely September Song blog
is as curious as me on what to do about this, so I Googled the question. Strangely there didn`t seem to be a lot of info on this but from the Chicago Tribune about a warm fall at least....

Q. Some of my bulbs started emerging during the warm spell this fall. Will this damage the bulbs or their spring flower show?

A. The warm temperatures that sometimes occur in fall can trigger premature bulb growth, especially for the early flowering varieties. There is little you can do to stop bulbs from sprouting; they will stop when temperatures drop. The foliage may be affected, with some yellowing or browning, but the bulb and its future flowers will recover by spring -- assuming it did not actually flower.

To protect exposed foliage, cover with evergreen boughs. Snow cover in winter also will insulate and protect bulbs.
Something to ponder that I`ve wondered myself, from over at Country Gardner blog

"I wonder what this warm spell is going to mean for plants that are starting to wake up months before they should? Are the insect pests that usually get killed off by the cold going to be out in full force this summer?

Though most of us enjoy a mild winter, there's always the suspicion that we're going to pay for it down the line - that's just the Canadian way."
That bug question is definately worrying. Never mind the ones for the plants, what about the bloody mosquitoes?? And I planted much more than three bulbs....I hope they aren`t upside down LOL!


Jeanne said...

Blessings oh the spring flowers.
Be still my heart.
After Valentines day lets embrace spring.
I can hardly wait.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Sheila said...

Thanks for checking that TEA.
I'll keep an eye on them and see what happens.
I planted so many extra ones last year and would hate to loose them.
On a lighter note..many years ago a friend of mine asked at the garden centre about the best bulbs to buy. She was told to choose bulbs that were heavy for their size.
She said 'Oh, so if I want good flowers I shouldn't plant light bulbs..'
Silly ..but I still smile when I remember it..!

dragonfly183 said...

According to Martha Stewart Spring bulbs that sprout early like yours and like mine are doing won't be harmed by colder temperatures later on. She says once the temperature gets cold again the bulbs simply stop growing until the weather warms up again. Now if they have time to bloom that might be another story. I don't know if the blossems would be harmed

Christine said...

Thanks for posting this info, sweets~ I never worried about the off-season sprouters, but that's a good trick about using evergreens to protect any that come up too soon.
Our Ohio Region Winter weather so far has been pretty mild~ like the quote you've got here, we're pretty much waiting, knowing we're probably going to pay for this milder weather, down the line!

HORIZON said...

Dear Tea.
I love reading about all of your projects- past, present and future. You are a busy lady.
As for the bulbs and bugs- truly a worry. Enjoy the spring bulbs on a dreary day but what will happen if it decides to snow in March?

FarmgirlCyn said...

Some of mine have sprouted ever so slightly, and I have had several dandelions in full bloom! Certainly hope the bugs get enough cold this winter! We had a really bad hornet season 2 years ago...they were everywhere!

Rosa said...

Our forsythia is blooming! Can you imagine? Yes, some of my bulbs are showing green too. Grrr. I never did get around to planting any new ones in the fall. Happy New year! Cheers!!

PS One year, the hub and I both planted bulbs. He, you know, just threw them in any which way. Mine were placed exactly by directions. His, of course, came up beautifully. Mine were a hit and miss. SO, you are fine!!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Annuals people. Annuals. They never let you down!

Anthony said...

My pesonal theory is that the bugs would wake up early like the bulbs. Then when the cold weather finally does come they'd die. So there would be LESS bugs in the spring.

Just a hunch I have. Nothing at all to back it up.

james higham said...

Ah, now that's going to help in Russia, where the snow has gone and wet sogginess abounds.

Carol said...

Yep I have the same worries and you know what, all Mosquitoes here are still alive, I just saw one in the bath room this morning *yuk*