Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Kitchen Re-Do and Any Ideas?

I did an "about face" in the kitchen after acquiring and recovering those absolutely free side chairs.
It seems I`ve gone from pretty cottage Victorian to something else entirely. I loved the pretty one but these chairs seemed to take priority over that. This is what is evolving. Starker perhaps? Definately different. But I like it. It has the right feel to it, for me. Matching those chairs was a bit of a dilemma. Not really a blue colour person, I fell in love with this fabric. I ended up using a warm mustard french country fabric that has a tiny print with this same blue. Yellow is another "not my colour" but this one is warm and keeps the blue from being cool. Made the skirts so that they undo for washing. That metal "fluer de lis" glass fronted clock was on sale for $30!!

That table was a huge undertaking to strip, let me tell you. Aside from my old white paint job, underneath someone had painted it and tried to make it look like a stain. Makes no sense why they wouldn`t have just stained it instead.
I was too tuckered to strip the sides so I left them white. It matches the cupboards anyway. Well, that`s my excuse. In future I may finish it properly.
The wall with the chickens on it doesn`t look quite right to me. Any ideas what would look better there? Maybe if it were a tall picture instead of long. No. Maybe. Although I like it at the same time as it is. Boy am I glad I`m not an interior designer. I`d drive myself around the bend trying to get things just right.

Far too much on this window table. The whole spot looks disastrous. The fake arrangement is usually on the big table, but it`s been replaced with those pretty field daisies at the moment. And all those candles and things all crammed on it.
Would it look good I wonder with only one object? The old iron plant shelf, that I`ve had forever, is busy enough to carry something much more simple underneath. I will most likely put curtains up for the winter. I have the choice of 3 fabrics. #1 the blue on the side chairs, which I really don`t want to use. #2 the mustard french country and #3 a mustardy golden background with the old fashioned type cherries being largely spaced out on it. Or none of the above LOL
So many of you have such great ideas and lovely homes and I would love any thoughts :)

Hubby has redone his web site and it`s looking good! I`ve been busy there adding recipes. Stop by and feel free to add anything from a review to a great cookbook or even just to say hi :)


Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Hi Tea...

Believe me... I'm NO designer but would a collection of old plates - or a collection of small prints fit on that wall?

I think your house and garden are so lovely. Nice find on the clock!!


farmingfriends said...

I would like to add some restaurants that I visit in York UK to your husbands ratebistro site. Is it ok to add a restaurant? Can you tell me what a bistro is in comparison to a restaurant. I think reviews of places in York would be useful as this is a major tourist spot for overseas visitors.
I think your kitchen looks lovely by the way. Sara from farmingfriends

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Sara....that would be great! The difference between them is really just in size and feel I think. Fine dining restaurants can be added there there too though :)


Julie Marie said...

Hi, Tea,

My kitchen is done with accents of Provence/Tuscany. I have used a blue/mustard fabric and just love it so I would say use more of the fabric on your chairs or do a reverse with blue being more dominant than mustard.

I would say a long picture on the wall.

I don't think the table has too much. When I was at "The Village" in Dickinson yesterday I was just BOWLED AWAY by a fall mantel scene. It had a lot of stuff - cedar and fall foliage and berries for the greens, pheasant statuettes, gourds and- in the left corner, a big vase with more fall foliage. It was fabulous. I guess MORE is MORE!

I wish I had a digital camera. But I see pics on a lots of posts from shops and I don't know that I would allow it if I were a shop owner.

I will look forward to seeing the displays evolve.

Take care,


tash said...

I think it looks very homely - perhaps a longer or larger picture on the chicken-wall, and the table near the window would look lovely with maybe just a "nest" of candles, a bowl of potpourri or a simple flower arrangement. I can't wait to see what you come up with - I love seeing pictures of your snuggly home!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I love how your kitchen looks...I don't really know what else you should do since I like it as is!

Sandy said...

wonderful pics. Maybe add a couple small pics to that wall along with the rooster painting


Kahshe Cottager said...

When I looked at the last picture I wondered about putting open shelving or plate rails there. 3 perhaps stained dark to match the window frame. You could then put some of your collection from the table there.

The whole feel I get from the picture is perhaps more French country with the blues and yellows although if you add some terra cotta shades it could also have a Tuscany feel too.

It looks great Tea - a work in progress!!! What changes in your home over the last few months. You must be feeling very pleased with yourself!

Christine of Epiphany said...

What about something more free-form in shape? Since you've got the lovely round clock on one wall, and the lovely square window setup on the other wall, you could try either leaving that space blank, so people can focus on the circle-and-square-and-flowers arrangement, or try a rather thin iron-work thing that echoes the design on your iron shelf.~

Anyway, I'm sure you'll find something that goes, once you've tried the things you think might work! That arrangement of clock and flowers and simple table is simply scrumptious!

Kari said...

I love your table! It's lovely. And I love the clock. It's just beautiful. And the arrangement of field daisies? Perfect, just perfect.

I've already told you that I love the chair covers...and I really love the blue chair...I think you've got it well in hand without any advice from me. (As if I was even qualified to GIVE advice, which - sadly - I am not ) lol

CJ said...

Love the whole cottagey feeling you've got going on here. I also think a grouping of plates would be wonderful on the "chicken wall", very English cottage to hang china on the wall! Wow, that table looks great. We just got a proper (new to us) old pine table and I want to paint the sides and legs and just give it a washed wood effect for the top. Love what you're doing with your looks so cosy!

jessica said...

great clock.
i think perhaps the picture should be bigger?
decisions, decisions.

Jeanne said...

Everything looks so lovely.
Thanks for your visits and kind words.
Love Jeanne

Polly said...

I like to look at a blog called Design Sponge. It's a leaping off point for all sorts of things -- good ideas for people living in small spaces.

Tricia said...

Just love what you've done with the kitchen! Great clock! We are doing bathroom renos right now! Come see on my blog!

nel said...

Love what you're doing with the kitchen. The table looks great with the white underneath and I love the chair fabrics you chose. It's looking gorgeous.

Rosa said...

Very pretty. I love that table. I'm wondering how mine is going to look once everything is said and done. Hmmmm. I love the skirt on that chair!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Tea....

Congratulations! Your new style looks lovely. The window looks good as it is, but if you need to put curtains then I think blue to match the chairs, maybe add a small collection of blue and white plates on the wall too. The clock compliments the colour of the table, chairs and window frame beautifully and the vase of daisies looks gorgeous.

I find myself going into what I call the ‘lighter style’ of my life. After surrounding myself with Victorian stuff all my married life, and spending hours stripping paint off beautiful pieces to reveal the natural beauty of the wood once more, I’ve surprised myself by my desire to paint items now, something I vowed I never would.

Oh! leave the legs of the table white, its a good contrast. Have fun. Marion

UKBob said...

I like the clock you have on the wall there Tea, is it very old? Bob.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...


It`s a new clock but just looks old :)

Sheila said...

I love the way it looks right now. It has a lovely French look about it, an uncluttered country feel.
You did a great job,