Thursday, August 02, 2007

I`ve Been Given An Award!

Rick from Palm Springs Savant has very sweetly chosen me as one of his 5 bloggers for this award!
Thanks so much Rick!
Now it`s my turn to choose 5 bloggers who I think deserve the same. Well actually I would like to choose many many more than 5! But hey, 5 makes things a whole lot easier LOL

So the Creative Blogger Award Goes To...........

A View Through the Window is a magical place where teddy bears and fairies come to tea. Zu writes as if you`ve just cozied down with an old fashioned storybook. And she has the prettiest Welsh Corgi dog! Her computer has given her severe problems of late but she`s still managing to post.

Tongue in Cheek
Corey resides in France and takes simple and beautiful photos and puts wonderful words to them.

Fat Eric and Friends

Fat Eric reminds me of Angus. He`s fat! And also needs our prayers at the moment as he is having some tests done at the vet and his Mum is really worried.

Just Livin` Large
I chose Kari`s blog because she has a warm cozy everyday "downhome" feel and isn`t afraid to share her happy family in Texas. And she looks a little like Anne Margaret in her profile too :)

Tales From the Butlers Pantry
Mr. Fielding hasn`t posted for quite awhile unfortunately. He has a small steady following who like to read of his experience of being a butler to the aristrocracy somewhere on the English and Welsh border. An interesting read.

There`s so many more I want to add here. I hate picking and choosing. But there ya go choice for the Creative Blogger Award!
Hope everyone is having a nice week. The weekend`s almost here. We`re off to near Oshawa for a family re-union this Sunday. And Monday is a holiday! Yeehaw! A Civic holiday. But right now, this morning, I`m off to work.... see ya :)


Rauf said...

Congratulations TEAS, hope you are doing fine. You must be happy

Naturegirl said...

Congratulations Miss Tea!
I love a few of the sites you have passed along the award to and I will visit the others! Hope you are enjoying this HOT summer we are having! hugs NG

carolyn said...

Congrats on your award, very well deserved.

jessica said...

how nice! congratulations tea.

Kari said...

Well gosh, Tea. I don't know what to say! Congratulations, first of all - you are so deserving of your award. And second of all, thanks for passing it on to me. I want to acknowledge receipt before you come to your senses and take it back! lol I appreciate your kind thoughts. I really do. Thanks again.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Lovely Tea - congratulations!!! I think it is a perfect choice. And now I must visit your 5 choices too!