Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Toronto to Help Daughter, Old Chairs and Garden Things

Monday morning we set off for Toronto to help my daughter set up her new place.

This is part of the street she`s moved to in Little Italy. We were going too fast to get the houses I was pointing at LOL It was quite pretty with those really tall old homes all squished together. Her neighbours had a beautiful front garden. This street is much nicer than the last she lived on.

Hubby put together this Ikea dresser for her and also a small kitchen table while I helped her hang curtains and pictures.

You have to walk through her bedroom to get to the frontroom LOL This fireplace is really nice.

I wish I would have thought to snap a picture of Bud. Here`s one from before though. He`s a real beauty and weighs a ton!..

He hid in the bathroom most of the time but I heaved him up using all my might and brought him out to watch us. He wasn`t too happy about being moved to a new house.
An Ikea couch that we dressed in a cover she bought there also.

And a nice big window where she can put plants and Bud can watch the birds.

A small kitchen that hasn`t been cleaned yet but the owner painted it for her. She gave him an apple green paint chip and he came back with mint. But it`s her very first "own space" so she`s not too upset. He also put in a new floor and is coming back to put the baseboards back on.

This door in the kitchen leads out to a little balcony where we sat and looked down at all the tiny narrow gardens loaded with tomato plants and other yummy things. A nice elderly Italian lady (the one with the pretty garden) waved and said hello to us.

A nice little bathroom...

I wish I would have taken better pictures but we were too busy to think about it. I enjoyed going and helping and hopefully in August or September, my sister and I will go back and stay over on a weekend. I won`t drive on the 401 myself so I don`t get to see her as much as I`d like, but we e-mail and chat on the phone.
The Bee Balm is growing like mad in the back garden. The daisies have bloomed oo. So aside from the roses and clemetis there`s till a lot more to bloom yet back there. It should look nice this year when everything`s all out together...

My dad gave me a statue of Saint Francis , the protector of animals to stick in. I`ve always wanted one.

The "Empress of India" Nasturtium have bloomed in the herb pots :) I guess it`s true that they like herbs,. I bet they`re also edible.

My son was just in to gulp down two huge bowls of goulash and take some for work in the morning. It was his favorite dish while growing up. It did look good and tasted good too. But of course I forgot to take a picture!
Back to work today but it`s so nice that tomorrow is Wednesday instead of Tuesday. I think every week should be a long weekend :)
Almost forgot!.....
Here`s those two chairs. I have no idea how I`m going to recover them. They look complicated, but I`ll try. Not those buttons though...no way could I do that!...


Rauf said...

Well fed Bud seems to say huh! look who's taking my picture. He's got an attitude.

the chairs look fine to me TEAS, even the arm rest cushion is not damaged. The place looks cold even in summer.
I was about to say enjoy fourth of july, then i tapped my head and said oooops !! Furniture is very cheap here but still we prefer to get a carpenter and make things that fit the rooms, local carpenters are arrogant and demanding, so carpenters of North India, do the job fast and for less money. now they are trying to form a union. A good well made computer table is about 40 US dollars. IKEA must be expensive.

PG said...

Oh yes, you can eat your nastursiums, if you can bear to pick them. That's a nice house, I had to smile at the 'small kithcen', it looks three times the size of ours - I'd bite someone's hand off for that much space! I like the green theme throughout.

CJ said...

What a lovely place your daughter's got! Has she inherited her Mama's talents? Your home is looking real good :) I've been missing awhile with a new job, paintings in progress and projects in the house all happening at once so it's great to stop in a see how far you've come! Gives me hope, LOL!

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Looks like she has a nice apt! It's very comforting when you know your kids are in a safe, comfortable place.

And bee balm, I love that stuff. I always called it my daughter's birthday flower because it always bloomed at our camp on her birthday. Nice chairs too! :)

Oh, and pg, I agree with you, "small kitchen?" not to me either lol. My first apt kitchen was like an airplane galley. Or maybe a bit smaller ha.

jessica said...

congratulations to her for her new place. what a lovely home.

GrannySkywalker said...

I love your blog! I want to get outside and resume work on my patio after looking at your pictures!:) If the rain ever stops around here, I think I will. Keep posting - I need the inspiration!

judypatooote said...

I'd say the place has character... I love places like that.....really cute and I'm sure she will have a great time fixing everything to her likeing.....Bud will adjust....LOL

Sandy said...

I love the mint green color she picked out. And the fireplace..so nice..this was a fun tour...thanks for posting it...sandy

UKBob said...

Hi Tea. The chairs look good and solid, I wouldn't know where to start covering them. Did Elvis stay home when you went to help your daughter or does he like to go with you? Both my dogs love a ride in the car even if its only to fill up with petrol/gas. Bob.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Bob......there wouldn`t have been much room at that time in the apartment for Elvis, plus I don`t know how Bud would have reacted. It was already tramatic for him being moved. My daughter is his third or forth owner. he`s been shoved around a lot and cried his head off the minute he saw her cat cage that he had to go in the car with. But Elvis doea love car rides!