Sunday, March 25, 2007

Could It Be Spring?

The Princess of Cups is a messenger to the emotions. She is tender and idealistic, take her hand and flow with her. Although at times she is given to flights of imaginative fantasy, lets hope that the coming of spring is not one of them :)

I took this picture the other day as the snow was melting in the morning. We`ll need to dump a bit more sand over the bricks yet.....

This is why we have to make a raised pottager garden. Just look at that collection of water! By the fence is where I found that stuffed dog that freeaked me. It looked dead, wet and real if you happened to have read about that adventure.

This one above is from this morning. I`m afraid I haven`t been on the computer much this weekend so I`m still trying to visit all my blogs. My sister-in-laws birthday dinner today so reading will be postoned yet again.
Hubby has the foor all finished except for the trim along the sides now. I layed down the rug at the back and front doors, choosing a darkish brownish indoor/outdoor because it`s easier to care for and won`t get dull and dirty looking. The front entrance.... we have to sort of treat like a mud room, without the mudroom and only a long low bookcase separating it from the hall and frontroom. Still wondering if we should, afterall, have a wall going up from it. And the back is where we`ll be coming in and out from the garden. No pictures yet, everything is still plain for now. I`m not going to be as cluttery as I`ve always tended to be, I`ve decided. At least that and loads of green with splashes of something brilliant in complimentary colours and garden accents is decided. Oh and not pink and all floral and frilly, but cozy enough to want to have oneself wrapped in the room. I like floral and frilly, have done it many times over the years but I`m tired of it now and it`s not practical with men and dogs. Now if only I could find some pictures!
The boys came this weekend and I made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to munch on and went to the library for some decorating ideas. Still haven`t found much though in what I`m looking for. I`m afraid in the end I`ll have to "wing" it. That could be scary LOL
Hope everyone is having a great last bit of the weekend that always goes waaaaaaay too fast!


Maureen said...

The clocks went forward in the 2am this morning so we are looking forward to lighter nights.Bliss.Can't wait to get out into the garden and plant stuff.Not warm enough yet though.So it was lovely to see your garden begin to wake up to Spring.

Molecular Turtle said...

I love the pic's, I really can't wait for spring to come!

Rowan said...

Lovely to see your garden emerging from the winter snow, you'll be able to start working in it soon. Glad to hear the floor is nearly done, the decorating is the exciting part:) Look forward to seeing what you come up with. Hope the birthday dinner was an enjoyable occasion.

tash said...

I can't wait to see your garden grow, change and form into something verdant and stunning - roll on Spring in your part of the world :)

Christine said...

Hi, Tea!
If you haven't yet seen "The Holiday", you might want to watch it to take interior decorating notes~ you might be able to find some ideas in it.
As a matter of fact, I found myself thinking of your room that is white with dark wood trim, trying to picture what it might look like if it had a color scheme like the Cameron Diaz house in the movie, the white and dark greens with some black. Though I realized the Kate Winslet house was probably more along the lines of what you're doing, in general.

Anyway, you might find some good ideas in that film, if you haven't already!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Hi Tea!
You are now making me wish for warmer weather to get started on the garden. After all, one can only do so much blogging!!!
I need sun!!!
Your princess of cups is nice. Did you draw her? I know that the suit of cups represents love and emotions I think.
Are you the princess?

carolyn said...

Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies sounds good to me.

Zoey said...

Hi Tea,

Just popping in to see what's new.

It sounds like you have been very busy with the house. I can't wait to see how you decide to decorate everything.

Every room in my house needs attention. . . like paint...maybe this summer we can start on it.

james higham said...

Yes, indeed it's spring. T&M, do me a favour, would you. There's a post I linked to you on. It asks if you'll visit a young lady and if you do, that's your good deed done for the day. Cheers.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Isn't it grand to see the snow melt away and see promises of spring? I'll bet Elvis is enjoying playing in the puddles! Mmmmmm essence of wet dog!

Yummy - peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies - that sounds like inspiration food to me! GRIN

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...


Will visit for sure James!

Christine...I want to see that movie! I`m not the Princess of Cups but I did draw her :)


C said...

hi tea,

i read your intro and things you like, i didn't think anyone else out there remembered the spoons or 54 40, they were great huh!
what about m + m (aka martha and the muffins)(echo beach) and parachute club (rise up), some great 80's Canadian groups back then.

I love everything British too!


Dan said...

Yes indeed! Spring is in the air. In NJ, USA it was 80 F the other day. Today it's in the 50s but still much milder than it was during the winter when temperatures were well below freezing and our gas bills were HUGE!

Rosa said...

Oh yes, spring. You have a great start. It's all going to be fabulous dawling.

Marion said...

I love the pictures of your early spring garden. Our backyard is really wet in the early Spring as well...I put in raised beds.

Can't wait to see more photos, as it evolves!

Gary said...

I always love looking at your photos. Especially the garden ones.

Tricia said...

you have a great property...such a nice space!