Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Weird " I don`t really know what I`m doing" Gardens

I pulled off some dead branches over by the pond near the woods to make some tee pees for the beans because I planted them in 3 circles rather than in rows. Not very straight looking but definately "oh natural and recycled" LOL The tomatoes and peppers are doing great in the big pots to the side that isn`t showing here. Just have to make sure I water them everyday because they dry out really fast.

I`m not sure what this is that somehow found it`s way here in the "would have been, lovely bricked raised garden". I didn`t plant it. Some kind of melon? I don`t like melon. Unless it`s watermelon, yum. Squash? I don`t like squash either. Eck.

I love this sunflower plant. Had one last year and couldn`t figure out why it didn`t come back again. Then my Dad told me that it was an annual. For some reason I thought Sunflowers were perennials. A shame.

The climbing red rose is finally climbing this year...

I think I must have planted this pink one backwards because the highest part that`s supposed to climb against the wall is in front. I attached it slightly. Don`t know if that will help though.....

The clemetis is growing like mad this year. That big green clump is Shasta Daisies. They`ll be blooming soon...

This is the front garden with the funny cat jump up and down thingy so they can get in and out of the cat door in the window. It`s a little wilder looking than I had planned and there`s short flowers behind high flowers hehe. I added a few stepping stones just in case the cats feel like usig them rather than stomping on the flowers.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We`re off to a little party at a friend`s house tonight :)


PG said...

LOL, I think your bean poles are very artistic! :)

Rowan said...

Those oven baked doughnuts look really good, I've never tried making doughnuts of any kind, partly because I don't fancy the idea of deep frying them. Oven baked sounds more my style:)

Palm Springs Savant said...

looks like its coming together nicely...I'm sure you will be delighted by mid to end of July! keep the updates for us...I like to check back onyour blog regularly

Sandy said...

Garden is looking great!! Very fun to come see what's growing.. sandy

Dan said...

Tea, please send me your squash and melons.

Belizegial said...

I like the pretty colors in your garden :)

Condolences on the passing of Daisy


QUASAR9 said...

We need a bit more Global Warming to grow any decent Watermelons here
Much more refreshing and tastier than squashes, though I've tried the occasional good spicey hot squash soup.

Get them toms going, I started tooo late much tooo late with mine, but maybe I'll still get some too.

Love the flowers, spent the last week or so sorting out the rose bushes at my mother's place too!

Kahshe Cottager said...

I loved the tangled wildness of your kitty garden!

Have a wonderful weekend Tea!

rusty in miami said...

That is what makes gardening so much fun expect the unexpected

carolyn said...

Your garden is growing beautifully. Try knd taking the stems of your climbing rose and attaching them to the trellis horizontally that way you will get loads of new vertical shoots - dos that make sense?

Old Man Rich said...

I love those bean poles.

tash said...

Your garden looks lovely! Love the bean poles - they look really rustic and natural, much better than bought in my book :D

Everything is growing here, too. But we're being deluged with rain and gales, so all of my precious courgettes are getting blown around, so too are the peas and runner beans - but never mind, we're promised nice Summery weather next month - lets hope, eh? :)

Rauf said...

Flowers, fruits of your labour is most rewarding spiritually T&M. Its a heart warming delight, beyond compare.

Gledwood said...

Your garden's much nicer than ours ... I'd like to say it's bc I'm upstairs without access to the garden, but that's not actually the truth ... the fashion here is to put old plastic water bottles on the end of pea-sticks/planting sticks so the ends can't go in your eye (I once saw someone that had happened to and it's ingrained in my brain~~horrible. ukk)
Anyway I hope you had a nice weekend. Did u have margaritas in the garden? Or just tea~??
Margaritas are such an American thing btw.... I don't think anyone drinks 'em out here... my friend Ruth gave me the recipe for Mint Julep the other day... now that sounds nice. When I have all the posh spirits and ice and nice glasses gathered 2gether in the right place I'm gonna try that one ...
OK then!
Take it e.z.
all the best

Christine of Epiphany said...

They look wonderful~

Naturegirl said...

Everything looks wonderful against the white house!I do love the sunflower but Ihave no place to plant one. LoVe your cat garden perfect for a snuggle! hugs NG

smilnsigh said...

Beeeeeeeeeeeutiful climbers!


farmingfriends said...

Hi Tea,
I hope you don’t mind but I’ve tagged you for the Seven Random (Gardening) Facts About Me, Meme. I really wanted to learn more about your garden. Visit for the rules.
Sara from farmingfriends