Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Something Much More Serious Than Usual

Missing Madeleine!

This precious little soul needs our prayers. This, like so many other cases is heart rippingly horrendous. What needs to be done to people who abduct children isn`t fit for me to write here. David from SÓ VERDADES blog asked me to post this picture. With all the blogs in blog land maybe just maybe someone reading one will have seen her. It`s worth trying, so if you think so too, please post this.
Madeleine, MeCann was abduted from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 03/03/07.

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please contact Crimestoppers on 0800555111 Please Help


Dan said...

Poor, poor little girl. She's in my thoughts and prayers. As is her family.

Thanks for doing this Tea. Hugs and kisses to you for this.

LADY LUXIE said...

Hello. How are you? I posted here in my blog as well. Surprised me to see we have the same bloggy' post at exactly the precise moment. I do hope she gets found the soonest.

Oh' I did the pasta recipe down there.A hit!

Have a fine day..or night..

Lee-ann said...

Tea, yes we all send our prayers from Australia this little darling has been in our hearts for over a week now and we pray she is found today.

I wish I could say more but my heart is breaking.

Tricia said...

Oh, she is so precious! I've read in the paper and seem the story on tv...just heart wrenching for the family, can't imagine what they are experiencing, i do hope she will be returned safely!

ally said...
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david santos said...

Thanks for Madeleine!

ally said...

I hate to see things like this!
I hope they find her soon and that she is ok! This happens way too much! It is so sad! She is in my heart and prayers!

Naomi said...

This was so sad. We're all united in praying for this little girl's safe return, here in England. There is also a banner you can download too. I put one at the top of my blog. It was me that told David (Santos) about this as he visits my blog quite regularly and comes from Portugal.

Ellee said...

Yes, I've been writing about Madeline too. In fact, I've started writing about different missing children around the world and highlighted a case from Toronto today. It is heartbreaking.

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