Monday, June 06, 2011

Who Let the Birds Out?

Despite the dark morning on Saturday and all the rain, it cleared up and the rest of the weekend was beautiful here. Everyone was beginning to wonder if spring would ever come because there was so much rain and chilly weather. No complaining though because there have been so many weather tragedies around the world and we have been very lucky!
My precious Grandson stayed over last Friday night and we spent the whole next morning outside. He helped collect the eggs and then had one for his breakfast, bless his heart LOL

The chickens usually  hang around in their pen but occasionally wander. It looks nice, as here for example, and is interesting to see that the cats don`t bother with them at all, or the dogs. But they sometimes are very naughty and kick all the bark out of the gardens! This is in my parents back yard  before they made a mess. They proceeded then to come down into mine and do the same all over the stones! Now there are only 2 or 3 that need to be chased away. The others aren`t so bothered, luckily.

One chicken insists on going into the shed overhang where the lawn tractor is and laying her egg there most days right on the seat for some strange reason.And the other morning at 6am we had one standing at our door and kicking up the loudest racket! She went away after my husband opened the door. Must have wanted us to get up, I guess. Chickens seem to be funny creatures.

We have a few wilder visitors from time to time. Often think how pretty it would be if swans were able to live here, oh and maybe old stone farm houses to match! But it is beautiful here in the summer.
Hope everyone had a really nice weekend :)



Margie said...

Oh, such an enjoyable post!
Your pictures are wonderful!
Oh, your grandson is adorable!
How lucky you are to live in such a fantastic place!
Love those chickens and geese!

Be well, Tea.
Take care!

Margie xo

HORIZON said...

I didn't know you had a wee grandson Pea- how old is he? I have a wee granddaughter - 2yrs 6mth now- wonderful little helpers :)
You have a lovely place to live there- beautiful trees and lawn- l would love to have chickens walking around freely like that and drop by visitors.I'll just have to content myself with the local wildlife here. Lovely photos.
Keep well

Tea said...

Hi Horizon....

He`s 2 years and 7 months!