Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Nice Dinner and "Catnip Napping"

It`s been a rainy weekend here with the temperatures unusually warm.
We decided to get out for a nice bite to eat in a near by city to a Bistro called Janet Lynns.

We arrived around 6:30 on Saturday, having made a reservation ahead of time.
We were luckily able to find one lone parking spot on the street directly in front. Fortunate, seeing as it was pouring rain.

Upon entering we glimpsed several different wine displays under the warm dim lighting and were greeted by a friendly gentleman who led us to our table.

The atmosphere here is quite lovely although we had to chuckle about the flat bread display of on our table. Picture a very large...16 inches perhaps...thin round flat unsalted soda cracker, being held in place by a couple of small pieces of bread on either side.

I proceeded to give this odd prop a chance. I broke off a piece and dipped it into the small companion dish, realizing this was not a dip but rather a bland whipped butter. Liking at least a bit of salt, I found the whole thing quite tasteless. But never mind, things were looking up as we glanced at the wine list.
We had only 6 choices if we wanted a glass rather than a bottle. I chose the Shiraz Cabernet at 7.50 and my husband the Pinot Noir at 9.00

We decided on a Caesar Salad to start. I like to rate this salad in different places. So far the best has been Lily Ruth`s.
This one came looking fine and the waiter offered cracked pepper over top. No cheese.
It had a nice home-made tasting crouton...or should I say two croutons . A bit skimpy. I would have liked four but dear husband wanted his two.
The first bites were good because the pepper had a nice zip to it. But then I found the whole thing quite weak tasting. Watery, yet not enough that one lost the taste all together. I`d give the salad a 5 out of 10.
All the pics today are from my Blackberry so excuse any fogginess........
For our entree, hubs decided on the Rack of Lamb $30

and I ordered the Duck Two Ways for $28.

We didn`t have to wait an enormously long time, which was good...I was starving.

The presentation of the food was tops and the quality and taste fab. There really wasn`t anything either of us could say other than delicious. I have to mention also that our waitress was very very good.

Even though I was stuffed I needed to have a look at the desert menu.
Tempted, I chose the Pecan Tart with Caramel Ice cream, whilst hubby had a Chocolate Sin Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream , drizzled with Creme Anglais. Both nicely presented again and yummy. The ice cream is home made and mine was par to Haagan Daaz I felt. So although I had well over-done myself and felt to the point of bursting, it was a lovely night and an enjoyable experience all in all.

It was excellent service and a lovely atmosphere although I wish I would have thought to discreetly snap a photo of that flat bread!! I popped this review over at hubby's website. RateBistros

Teds shnoozin' in the catnip.....

Than Angus has a turn.....

Elvis and my sister`s pup Sandy.....

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It`s supposed to rain again today.


Ropi said...

We had lunch today but with different food.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Hi Tea! I know all about rain. I hope you managed to read a good book because that's what I like to do when it's peeing down rain ( as they say over here.)

The food looks great. I'm cooking a big birthday dinner for my husband this weekend and keep changing my mind daily about what to make...

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Elvis looks so happy with Sandy!

Dreadnought said...

Hi Tea, is that red cabbage in the last picture of food? I love red cabbage. When we were in Malta they served shredded red cabbage in a kiwi sauce for one of the meals we had and it was absolutely lovely. Bob.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Lamb and Duck- two of my favorites for sure! Good eats tea, thanks for making me drool.