Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun and Busy Busy.....

It was a very busy weekend last.
First, Friday night was girl`s night out to go and see "Sex and the City" and then to a pub. The movie was great and the whole night was fun.

It was our Anniversary 2 Monday`s ago and I recieved 14 beautiful roses. The boys were here so instead, this past Saturday we shopped for plants and went out for dinner and stopped at a gourmet ice cream parlor later on after visiting Chapters.
I`ll show all the plants I bought later. It`s all mucky outside right now and I need to weed if ever there`s a dry day that I`m free on.
A really nice day! A fantastic whole weekend.
I re-painted the kitchen cupboards. I hadn`t used a base coat the first time so they were chipping.

Angus was fizzled one bit by all the wallpapering. ....

Then I got the bedroom curtains done as well as the bed covers and Angus checked it out.

But he enjoyed the bed best when it was finished. I did buy gauzy curtains as shown in my dream bed pic, but had to pick this net canopy up and hang it because of the f%$#*#& mosquitoes that sneek in. It was $49 but when I got up to the till she said it was on sale. So I got it for $17! It feels a bit claustrophobic when closed but it will do for now.

The closet ones still need hemming. Made the bedspread and wallpapered the room. The bed that I wanted to make...hmmmm. I`m rethinking that because this doesn`t look too bad as is and I fear it will be too much for such a small room. I don`t know yet. It really would be fun to try and put together. The bed cover wasn`t totally sewn or ironed in this picture, although I did hem and iron it all last night and it looks much crisper. The quilt would do better on the dream bed. This is my "what does it look like picture" It`s rather girly I`m afraid. But I did have a Raymond Waites type harem style a few years ago. I really loved it but we live in a cottage and it was too dark, so what can I say?

Angus came in the other night with something in his mouth that suddenly jumped away. It was a frog. I was afraid it may have been hurt so I got my husband to come and help. I normally don`t mind picking up frogs and toads, but not bleeding ones if I have someone else to :) Happily, he wasn`t harmed and we took him outside by the pond.

I decided to de-junk so I took down the two wall bookshelves and lugged all the books into the spare room. What a mess.
Now I need to sort them. Some to put up at the end of the driveway in a box to sell 4 for $1.00 and some to take to work to leave for whomever wants them. Then the keepers will have to stay in the spare room somewhere on the shelves...

We`ve had some huge storms and poor Elvis hates them. This is the only time we allow him up on the couch. It can be tricky sleeping too with preventing a large dog from trying to get behind a little bed table or removing him from one`s head. We have the herbal concoction from the vet and it may work a bit, but not enough to stop his worrying. I feel so bad when I think of all the animals that have been through hurricanes etc. People too!


Emperor Ropi said...

It was my last school day today so I hope I won't be too busy in summer but I try to find a job.

Tricia said...

Awww...poor Elvis looks so spooked!! My dog is okay with storms, it's my two cats that are terrified!
Oh, and Happy Anniversary Tea!!!
(another thing about us, we both have two cats and a dog!!)

Rowan said...

Poor Elvis, B Baggins knows how he feels as he's hates storms as well.
Glad the frog survived, my daughter's cat has brought a couple of frogs in too and they have both survived the experience.

judypatooote said...

See I told you the kitties are naughty....Elvis looks discussed with something....Max is also so frighted of storms....we had a bad one the other day, and I'm sitting on the step to the family room, and it would have been nice to have him sitting by me, but no he was in my bedroom laying on his comforter on the floor...when ever I go away he goes in there to hide...he's really getting old, and I guess he misses me and feels comfort in my room.... judy